12 weeks

I am pleased to report that I don't think there has been a huge change in the baby belly this week. I truly am determined not to out-do last pregnancy's weight gain, and I think we are on track.  This time last pregnancy, I think I had gained a good 10 lbs(or more....I was pretty on track 1 lb per week from day one last time).   I am only up 6lbs so far at 12 weeks.  When I discovered this, I celebrated by eating basically all day. Haha. Honestly, though, I was super hungry that day and ate a ton. 

A few random pregnancy notes: 

No real cravings so far. But, just like last time, when a food sounds good and I get to eat it...boy howdy does it taste good.  For example, we had French Toast for dinner the other day. Possibly the tastiest French Toast EVER!   I truly appreciate food when I am pregnant

"Morning" Sickness still comes and goes. Less often than before, but still lurking.  But, in terms of uncomfortable-ness, it has been surpassed by a general inability to sleep. I can't put my finger on why, but I wake up about a dozen times a night, just briefly and then back to sleep. This leaves me a bit tired in the mornings.   Other than that, no complaints.
I put on a pair of maternity pants for the first time last week. Glorious. Elastic waist pants are phenomenal. I am still wearing normal pants most of the time, and all normal tops so far. But there are days when the elastic waist pants simply must come out.

One final, more lengthy, pregnancy note.  I am switching doctors. 
Pre-pregnancy I had done lots of research cause I knew I would need a new doctor.  I had found a midwife practice that sounded amazing and came highly recommended.  To make a long story (that would be all venting anyway) short, the practice is not a good fit for me.  I was very frustrated to find that I needed to start my search over for a new doctor, and started to really try and figure out what I was looking for in a baby-doctor. I have been to quite a few doctors in just 1 and 1/4 pregnancies. And I have liked very few of them.  In thinking on every one I have visited, I concluded that I am looking for a doctor who finds the miracle of life and babies to be...well..miraculous.  Or at least still a little bit exciting.

I don't need someone jumping up and down with excitement at each appointment. I have wonderful friends for that.  But I don't want a doctor who thinks my baby is akin to a ruptured appendix that must be removed. And I don't want a doctor who implies there is no point in worrying/caring about what may be going wrong, because "at 12 weeks, there is really nothing we can do (if you are having a miscarriage) anyway".  That may be true, but, sorry, I find it impossible not to care and even worry a bit about this baby whose life is not in my hands, and I don't appreciate that kind of attitude from my doctor.

 I want a doctor who is going to appreciate that my baby is a gift, not just another medical procedure.  Yes, OBGYNs and midwives see pregnant women and babies every day, many many times a day. But caring for a new life should not get so old that you are calloused and completely unfeeling about it - if nothing else, appreciate the fact that I love this tiny baby. My first OBGYN had been delivering babies for decades and still takes a picture of himself with each newborn to hang in his office.  A ultrasound tech a saw one time got excited when she found my baby's heartbeat. She finds many identical heartbeats everyday, but she told me "It never gets old".  When a doctor implies that my baby and my pregnancy are commonplace and not worth a second thought, it's time to find a new doctor.

So, on to a new doctor we go. Hoping it's a winner this time. 
Otherwise, all is well with Baby #2.


Beth Anne said...

oh I wish you lived closer to Christiana! My doctor is fantastic (other than having to wait forever to see her most times) She is so sweet and truly excited at all stages of the pregnancy. I will be praying that you find another dr like her!

Adrian and Meredith said...

"I don't want a doctor who thinks my baby is akin to a ruptured appendix that must be removed."

Is it possible that our national C-section rate is twice the level recommended by the WHO partly because of this very attitude?

Sorry. Had to vent a bit. I've been watching a lot of documentaries lately on the American birthing system, and it's made me sad... and a little angry.

I'm hoping you find a doc who allows herself to get excited about babies.