And suddenly my dining room looked like a museum...

When we visited Great Aunt E, she loaded us up with presents that she no longer has use for since she has downsized to a small apartment.

Among the gifts was a rather large, impressively framed piece of artwork.

There is some story behind it, unfortunately, I forget the details. Basically I think it has been in the family for a loooong time. I wasn't sure where we were going to put it at first - we don't have a ton of large walls where such a painting would be appropriate. But then we saw the one empty dining room wall and knew it had found a home.

Our dining room is nothing fancy. It is furnished with a table set that is falling apart that we got for $30 and a piece of carpet that is more like a functional runner than a decorative piece of flooring.
But, when we put this awesome painting on the wall, suddenly our dining room had class!

In fact, that wall reminds me a of a museum. I guess I have never had such impressively framed artwork in my house before but I can see now why people do. Just this one painting has transformed the dining room!
Thanks Great Aunt E!

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Adrian and Meredith said...

Adrian's grandmother is always sending us home with stuff like that. Adrian rolls his eyes, but I love it!