Visiting Great Aunt E.

A couple weeks ago, we finally made time to visit Mon Amour's Great Aunt. We found out shortly after we moved to the city tht she lived a mere 15 minutes away and when most of your family is half way across the country but you find out there is someone quite close, you seize the day. Even when it is a Great Aunt that you haven't seen in years.

Papillon thoroughly enjoyed herself. Great Aunt E. lives in some senior living apartments, so there were lots of elderly ladies to ooo and aaaah over Papillon.

We mostly hung out and chatted about family...and Papillon rocked out the sunglasses.

By the time we left, it was waaaay past napping time for Papillon, so this was the best "family photo" we could manage....Papillon is fishing for a hug.

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