Family Lunch

Shortly after my sister's return from Scotland, and just days before my little brother's departure for school, my family had a quick get together to celebrate, well, togetherness. When 3 of the 4 of us kids are in the same state at one time you seize the day.

We all went to church together and then had a very fun lunch together at the parents' house.

There was some yummy cheesecake, made with real mascarpone cheese! And of course spoons on noses...

Papillon read some books with Great-Nannie.

And played some tunes with her Auntie.

As lunch was wrapping up, we pulled up the one missing part of the family (my brother and his wife) on video chat. This picture of the video chatting was taken right before Papillon completely fell apart. She had just gotten up from a nap with explosive poopy-ness, which necessitated a quick bath after which we rushed her downstairs to be greeted by a dozen excited faces and a few more on a video screen.

It was all too much for her. And she fell apart hard core.
But, after some quite snuggles with just me in a separate room she composed herself enough to rejoin the party.

All in all a very delightful time. And we can't wait for Thanksgiving when we won't need video chat to complete the family get together!!

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