Movie Monday

Time for some random movie fun!

To kick things off, a little snack time with Marge.

Possibly her favorite thing in the world is to feed Marge. Is she supposed to? No. Did I let her for the sake of this adorable video? Clearly.

The other day, Papillon taught herself to click her tongue.

And now if you click your tongue at her, she will click back. So funny.

Eating with a spoon is a work in progress. She knows how, but sometimes she just gets impatient and sticks her fingers in.

While we are on the subject of food, Yogurt is possibly her favorite food. She will even eat it straight up plain - it tastes like sour cream. But she loves it. If I can't get her to eat her veggies, I hide them in yogurt. Then she will eat them no problemo.

Papillon loves to sit on this little musical chair.

We got it from freecycle and it is one of her favorite toys.

Papillon is very good with animal sounds these days. They are hard to get on camera, but here are just a few.

She knows bear, dog, sheep, monkey, fish, snake. And we are working on cat.


Thomas said...

We love Monday Movie Night!

Beth Anne said...

so cute!

Beth Anne said...

so cute!

Adrian and Meredith said...

I gave Lyndon a cup of goldfish the other day, and he sat down in the living room to eat them. When I checked on him a few minutes later, he was sharing them with Mustang. It was a "one for me, one for you" kind of exchange, and waaaay too adorable to stop. I love it when they love their pets.