Random Naps

Papillo has started enjoying pretend-napping. Or perhaps she is just snuggling the floor, I am not entirely sure. Either way, it's super cute.
Sorry these photos were taken with my phone so they are not very clear, but hopefully you get the picture.

She had been playing playing playing, and suddenly, face down on the carpet, but up in the air, just resting.

But down, arms out.

Totally relaxed.

These "naps" don't last long - usually 30 seconds to a minute. But they are absolutely precious. Especially when she tries to find a "pillow" to use - a pillow can be anything but socks and such from the clean laundry tend to be a favorite. She is careful to lay them out flat before napping on them.


aestivasomniare said...

That is hilarious and adorable!! Though, honest to goodness playing can just tucker you out! ;o)

Eliz. K said...

she is so cute!