County Fair

Last week, we joined my parents and sister at the County Fair.  Papillon and I had gone to the State Fair last year, but Papillon was very tiny then (literally...) and it was waaaay hot.  This year, I think she enjoyed herself a little bit more.  You couldn't have asked for nicer weather. 

There was some chainsaw carving...

 ....some livestock.....the pigs didn't do much, but the chickens were Papillon's favorite.

Papillon seemed to have fun taking in the sights and being snuggled by fun family.

This picture is for Uncle Austin.  I dont actually know the backstory, but you can't pass by a statue of Paul Bunyan without taking a picture for Uncle Austin.

 Papillon tried some funnel cake....she really did like it more than her face here would suggest.

She practiced her walking skills. 

And also her skeptical stare. 

This was during the pig races. Clearly a must-see at any fair, but the audience was told the pigs run faster the louder you scream and shout. Papillon is not into screaming and shouting.  I don't think the pig racing was her favorite. 

But, other than the noise and general over-stimulation of Papillon's sensitive sensitivities, we all had a very lovely time!

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Eliz. K said...

I love the county fair! :-D Glad you all went and had fun (minus the screaming pig races)!