Visit with Grandparents

We visited Mon Amour's parents the other weekend, and though our camera batteries died shortly after arriving, I thought it was worth blogging about anyway. Mostly cause of a few adorable picture of Papillon with her sunglasses...see:

Anyway. Turns out we had not been to their house since Christmas! Crazy.  We have seen his parents between Christmas and now, but apparently we have made them come to us for the past 9 months.  Oh well, I think we will be down there a couple more times before the year is out. 

Papillon enjoyed chilling at their house, exploring all the fun magazines on their coffee table.

Their little town (ok, not THAT little...but small enough to still be a "town) recently finished a War Memorial at a local park.  There are lots of military connections on Mon Amour's side of the family, and Mon Amour's dad is part of the Town Council that approved the plans for this memorial, so we clearly had to check it out. 
On picture of the statue.

One group shot. 

And then the camera died. 
Oh well, it was a lovely, largely-pictureless weekend.

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