17 Months

I am a little late on this month's update. After next month's update it may be time to switch to semi-annual updates.  But for now, a little bit about Papillon at 17 months:

 Papillon is growing like crazy.  I am not sure how much she weighs at this point (somewhere over, but not hugely over 22lbs I would imagine), but I can tell you that she is fitting in to quite a few size 2Ts!   Baby clothes sizes are ridiculous though, she actually wore a 3T dress on Sunday and it just barely fit and the pants in this picture are 12 month pants. So who knows.  But in general, clothes size 18 months - 2T is how we roll these days.
 She wakes up every morning anywhere from 7am - 8:30am then is up until nap time from 1:30 - 3:30ish.  Bedtime has suddenly shifted a smidgen later - say 8:00pm ish these days. 

She eats pretty much anything. Though she doesn't like juice particularly - which was only a problem when we were trying to get some pedialyte in her during her recent illness.  She also has taken a bit to warm up to honey (introduced on doctors orders in light of a current stubborn cough). Favorites foods are ice cream (of course), crackers, cheerios, bananas, peas, and yogurt.

She is very affectionate. While waiting in line at the grocery store recently, she puckered up to give me a kiss. I obliged. Then she asked for another kiss and another and another and another. So sweet. Though I think that the other people in line thought we were crazy. She also blows kisses these days which is amazingly cute. 
She says more and more. And is pretty good at communicating even the things she can't say.  Its actually hugely helpful that she talks so much.  In general if I hear her say "touch" it means she is contemplating touching something she is not supposed to (the ornaments on the tree, or the dog food, etc).   And if she says "trash" it means something has just gone in the trash can...we are still working on learning what is and what is NOT trash. 

She also understands a TON.  She follows simple commands like "please put this in the trash" or "find a book and bring it here".  But she is learning more complex things! The other day she picked up a bib from the clean laundry the other day, and I told her that we didn't need it now, but we would for dinner, so could she put it on the table.  I forgot about it...until I found the bib sitting right where it needed to be by her chair in the dining room.  She is also starting to understand things like doing something "later" vs doing it "now".

I have a video of her in the bathtub, and just for fun I asked her what we had done that day. Clear as clear can be she says "Umm...I played". I should upload that one eventually.  (Side note: "umm" is the traditional answer to "what" questions.  Where as "maybe" is the default response to "why" or "which" questions).

Her unprompted communication is also increasing. Like when she tells me something without me asking. For example we drove somewhere recently and when we got there, I opened the door to get her out of her carseat and she looks and me and says "poop".  Low and behold it was true, she had a poopy diaper. 

I am very much looking forward to Christmas with Papillon this year. I know that last year was officially her first Christmas, but this one is going to be at least 3 times as fun!  Oh, and don't tell Papillon but the chair in the pictures above is actually a Christmas present. We got it at Goodwill for $5!  She loves it already...but its going into hiding until Christmas morning.  I suspect it will be new all over again then!

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Eliz. K said...

Wow! So much fun! She is adorable as usual; I am SO glad to read about these latest developments!