Why we still have a dog.

It's not that we don't like Marge. But we must confess that we got a dog during a time in our life when it wasn't time for a baby yet.  To tide us over. Note to self: it's true what they say, when you do that, the baby eventually shows up and the dog falls into a distant second place in your heart.  Poor Marge.

But we all love her. Particularly Papillon.  The other day she found this fun new activity to do with Marge: (once again, I apologize...eventually I will remember to hold the camera the right way)

I just missed the sweetest part of this interaction - Papillon would take the food from the kitchen, over to the stairs, climb up the 3 or 4 stairs to reach Marge, feed her the food and then smile and clap delightedly before returning for more food.  Marge had left the stairs by the time I got the camera out, and eventually Marge in to the kitchen to save Papillon the trip:

They are good pals.

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