Love to Eat

Excepting the nursing fiasco at the beginning of her life, Papillon has always been a great eater. Recently she has discovered a few new favorite foods. I love it when I give her something to eat just for the sake of trying it, thinking to myself that there is no way she will actually eat more than a bite, then she devours it like it may be her last meal. 

Spaghetti is one of those new found loves.

She ate literally a whole heaping plateful...and loved it!

Squishing it with both hands was also part of the enjoyment.
I missed the prime moments of squishing and stuffing the face, but you kind of get the picture here.

Other new found favorite food....oranges!

She is pretty much an expert at eating all the good stuff out of the rind, though occasionally she gets carried away and takes a nibble of the rind as well. She just loves them that much.

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Adrian and Meredith said...

Lyndon has a love affair with clementines, which is convenient, because I do too! We used to be able to share one, but now he always gets his own.

We're definitely going through a non-eating/picky phase right now, though, which is ridiculously frustrating. Enjoy that good eater as long as you can!