The Turkey and The Time Capsule

And the blogging continues to continued apologies. Time to plow through the rest of Thanksgiving. 

Initially when we picked a destination for our Thanksgiving, I was skeptical that we could pull off a full-fledged Thanksgiving feast. Who really wants to lug a huge turkey 4 hours out into the middle of nowhere and then attempt to cook everything up in a tiny kitchen with minimal pots and pans and such?  But, it had to be attempted; and we did, in fact, succeed in pulling it off. 

The turkey (just a little 13lb one) was delicious! Sliced oranges and thyme under the skin - yum!

The table intended for a max of 6, squeezed us all in.
The dresser made for the perfect, if not awkwardly placed, buffet.
And the BBQ Potato Chips had a place of honor in the middle of the action. (BBQ potato chips at the feast, by the way, is the only thanksgiving tradition to which any of us are hugely they were a must)

And then there were, of course, the pies.  We were all set in the pie department.

Mon Amour and I had been in charge of the food (with the exception of the pies and rolls, which came straight from the parents' bakery)  but Mom was in charge of the post-dinner entertainment which came in the unexpected form of a time capsule that my family put together about 10 years ago (was it 1991? 92? I can't remember).

The very first item in the box was an empty prescription idea why that was in there. Probably some memorable illness suffered by someone in the family that year...clearly we have all suppressed that incident.

After that random, though truly amusing, beginning, we waded our way through various artwork by us kids.  Well, mostly by these two:
Seems that they are, and always have been the artsy ones in the family. So the box was a bit disproportionately filled with their creations. Little Brother and I managed to slip in one or two artistic contributions. 

Then began the reading of the "interviews" with each of us.
This is when the fun truly began.  For "Best Friend" Dad put down "Mom".  Awww.  Mom neglected to list Dad in a fairly sizeable list of friends from that time. Haha. Who knew dad would win for most romantic response.

My own response to the question "Favorite Thing to Play" was possibly the strangest.  I have no idea what I meant by "Pretending to camp with 'The Creep from the Deep'".  Yikes. Totally have suppressed that childhood pastime.

Little Brother's list of favorite foods though, won, hands down, for hilarity.
2 Year old Little Brother's Favorite Foods:  "Ketchup, Peanut Butter, and Pickles". 
The man likes his condiments.

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