Thanksgiving Overview

It's about time that I blogged about Thanksgiving. Don't worry, it won't be a hugely long series. Just a few little posts to commemorate this fantastic vacation! 
First, and overview, complete with a random assortment of photos in no particular order. 

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in the middle of no where about 4 hours drive from where we live. Or at least it should have been 4 hours...add in a stop for lunch and a rockslide on one of the roads and it was a 6 hour trip. Oh well. We all made it eventually. 
Here we all are in a smiley, though badly lit, group photo:

We had no particular plans for our stay except to relax and have fun. 

We found plenty of ways to do both...

Little Brother instructed all who were willing in the art of unicycling.

Papillon discovered the joys of playground-induced static-hair.

and spent a lot of time with Grandpa. Grandpa is quite possibly her favorite person in the world (sorry to everyone else, she loves you too...but maybe not quite as much)

She tried her best to warm up to her Uncle  and Aunt whom she hasn't seen in real life in forever...but most of the time her introvert side won out and she gave him lots of skeptical, silent stares.  We really must skype more Uncle A and Auntie Lola!

We played a lot of games...

Went on a hike and got frightened by....well, really, nothing. Our hikes were largely uneventful.

The uneventful-ness of our hikes is clear from Papillon's face...

More game playing...this game, is totally awesome by the way. Even though it took a few hours to actually figure out what we were doing, it was worth it!  I stumble on victory the first time we played, and then barely scraped by a win in the second game. I am officially the undefeated Power Grid Champion!

When we weren't hiking, or unicyclying, or playing games, or eating, we just hung out.

There is our vacation in a nutshell.  A couple more posts to follow with a few more details.

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Beth Anne said...

Ooo, I've totally heard about power grid but didn't know anyone who had played it!