Just Cute

Some random cuteness just for fun...

This little outfit I put on her cause I thought it was a bit much...a little too floral to be actually cute. So we wore it on a day that we didn't have any where to go, only to discover that Papillon is small and adorable enough to make the otherwise slightly-gaudy floral print, amazingly cute! 
She also was really into posing for pictures this day. I told her I was taking her picture and she backed up to stand against the wall, and then smiled.  Unfortunately she would hold still for like half a second and then dance and flail and stuff.  See:

Another day, she was in a super fun mood and having a blast sitting on the steps with Marge. 
Note the fantastic ponytail!

I love this picture! I wish Marge was not blurry, cause if she hadn't twitched, it would be an incredibly fun picture.

If we didn't have a dog, I fear Papillon would be terribly bored most of the time. Marge doesn't even have to do anything,  and Papillon is hugely entertained.

As always, I missed the prime moments of fun, but captured a little cuteness nonetheless. (and I do manage to rotate the camera to face the right way before I get too far into the video)