Snack Time

These are just some fun pictures from a recent post-nap snack-time. Which is always a very fun time of the day. 

Note the enthusiasm.
This chair has been one of Papillon's favorite toys, but recently the batteries died. So it doesn't play music any more, making it less fun, but still a wonderfully practical snack chair.

Mmm, milk!

Dazed and confused...with bed head.

Just hanging out, eating some snack in the snack chair.

Post snack time, Papillon wanted to play with the tree for a bit. 
She knows she is not supposed to touch the ornaments, but she likes to test the boundaries.  She holds her hand out to the tree and says "touch" (which is generally an indicator that she knows that she is not supposed to touch something) and looks at me to see if I will stop her.
Sometimes she touches the tree, and not an ornament to see if that is within the rules. And sometimes she pokes and ornament and walks away: again, testing the boundaries. She is a good kid, but does like to know what the rules actually are.

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Adrian and Meredith said...

Only in your house would it work to hang the stockings a foot below the ceiling. :-P I'll bet you can even reach them!