Baby #2 Update - 21-24 weeks

It seems I am even less consistent with these pregnancy updates than I thought I would be. Oh well, it was bound to be that way. Needless to say working a 40 hour work week with no kids = a lot less busy than working a 16 hour work week and parenting a small child.  Throw in some travels on Mon Amour's part, and then a Thanksgiving holiday to make things a little extra hectic, and POOF just like that, I am 24 weeks along. Before we get to week 24, a tiny flash back..

21.5 weeks here:
Ahh, looking nice and pregnant and feeling great. 

Here is Papillon not understanding why no one is playing with her in this pre-bed-time moment:
Sometime in the recent past, I had an AHA! moment similar to one I had when pregnant with Papillon.  I realized pre-Papillon, that as much as I was super excited about her actually being born there was something beautiful about just being pregnant with her. She was there even though I couldn't see her, I was taking care of her even though I wasn't actively trying; I loved her even though I hadn't really "met" her.  It was simple, and it was beautiful.    
This time around, I feel Baby#2 move inside me and I look at Papillon and think - I have 2 kids, but the care for Baby #2 is mostly on autopilot while she is inside of me. Life with one-plus-one-inside is simple, and beautiful and as much as I can't wait to meet Baby #2, these remaining 16 weeks (give or take) are a wonderfully precious time that I am totally cherishing. Blessings often come with responsibility (children are a wonderful example of this); pregnancy is, in some ways, a pleasant interlude of blessing with out all the coming responsibility. 

Now on to slightly more recent photos, here I am on Thanksgiving at 23 weeks:
Still looking quite pregnant and still feeling great. Pregnancy seems to have decided to be kind to me a 2nd time around.

She moves a lot. But definitely not to the obnoxious point yet (will that ever come? Time will tell. It didn't with Papillon, but she is a very quite child in general).  I can feel her roll over, kick, stretch, etc.  She has quite spells. All of yesterday was a quite spell, so of course I started to fret about her.  In the evening I tried to get her to wake up a bit - tried the whole orange juice, laying on my left side thing. Nothing. I tried laying on my back (officially a counter-recommended position at this point, but one that for what ever reason, generally inspires Baby #2 to go crazy). Nothing.  Just for fun, laid on my stomach...that woke her up. Seems she enjoyed being smooshed  (or didn't enjoy it...its hard to say...) cause she bounced around quite contentedly for some time after that.

We are now officially at 24 weeks (and one day), which, if I remember correctly, marks "viability day".  At this point, if she were to be born, doctors would at least be able to try and help her. And reportedly she weighs just over 1lb. Crazy.  Thankfully, she seems quite comfortable where she is and will hopefully stay put for another 16 weeks or so.


Adrian and Meredith said...

You are looking adorably pregnant. 20-28 weeks was my favorite stage. It is nice to think that you can be taking perfect care of your little one without really trying. Kind of takes the pressure off, yes?

Beth Anne said...

Martin's co-worker delivered at 26 weeks. Her daughter is just a few months younger than Emma now, and doing great. It's crazy, but a miracle, all that they can do for the littles babies now!

Eliz. K said...

fun! and sweet! :-D