2 more Zoo Trips

Have we gotten our money's worth out of our zoo membership yet? I think yes!  Two more trips in recent weeks.    On both of these trips it was a fantastic animal-day; all the animals were up close and easy to see. Usually I don't take many animal pictures at the zoo, but I couldn't resist this time.

One of our trips was with this sweet baby and her mom.
They were about to move away (sniff!) and we had vowed to get in one zoo trip before they moved...we just made it. 

This is how Papillon always views the zoo...just peaking over the side of the Ergo

 Papillon likes nothing better than looking at pictures of her friend, Baby M.  We miss them so much already

Riding the tram. Always a hit!

Our second zoo trip of late was with some other fun friends. It was a little chillier this time, so all the kiddos were wearing hats. It made for some cute pictures.

Papillon got a break from the Ergo and got to see some things from the stroller this time around

And we even made it to the petting zoo!

So much fun was had on this trip that it ended with some very long hugs!

Papillon was very taken with our friend, W.  After our visit, she and I had this little conversation in the car:

Me:  Who did we go to the zoo with, Papillon?
Papillon: (silence, thinking)
Me: Did we go to the zoo with E. (W's sister)...
Papillon:...and W.! (with enthusiasm!)
Me: Did you have fun with E. and W.?
Papillon: Yes, W. hug, like this (hugging motion)
Me: Yeah? Is W. handsome? (I had to ask, just for fun, haha)
Papillon: No, not 'ansome.  (she doesn't know the word 'handsome').  W. is...is...(thinking hard) W...Cute!
Me: W. is cute?
Papillon: Yeah. W. hug. I go like this (insert cute happy-embarrassed)

Some one is a little in love....haha. 
W's sister, E also gives nice hugs :-)

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Beth Anne said...

Haha, did we post about this the same day? It was a lot of fun!