Maine: The Phone

One more, tiny, pictureless story about our vacation to Maine. 
It's a totally random story that I don't expect to be that enthralling to those of you who, I am guessing, mostly visit the blog for photos and tales of my cute children. But, it's such a delightfully random story that I must document it. 

On the trip up to Maine, we spent the night halfway up at a hotel in Connecticut. 

At said hotel, I misplaced my phone. 

Before we left, we looked everywhere. The phone was no where to be found.

I was totally frustrated cause I don't lose things. Ever. Mon Amour loses things. Not me. I remembered calling Mon Amour's parents to let them know we had arrived at the hotel.  So I know I had my phone in Connecticut and I didn't go that many places while we were there (, hotel room, lobby). 

But, we concluded I must have dropped it, and perhaps someone picked it up and walked off with it. I was skeptical (it's not a super nice phone), and still felt it must be somewhere at the hotel. So we left a note with the receptionist to call me (on Mon Amour's cell obviously) if a phone turned up.

Then we spent a week in Maine/Canada and the whole time I felt totally disconnected, and in complete disbelief (or rather...denial) that I had lots my phone. 

Then we headed back home and stopped in Connecticut again as our halfway point. Same hotel, different room. I went into the room, sat down on the sofa-bed, and had an epiphany! 

When I had sat on a similar sofa-bed on the way up, I remembered hearing a loud clink. The tell tale sound of something hitting the springs of a sofa bed. I knew where my phone was! 

We called the front desk and asked them to check again in the room we had had on the way up - and this time look inside the sofa bed.  (we had looked in the sofa cushions, but not all the way inside the bed). 

Low and behold, there it was. And so, 7 days and more than 1000 miles of driving later, I found my phone.  See, I told you I never lose things!

Now if only I hadn't already ordered a replacement phone....

(side note, we have since lost Mon Amour's wedding band. We are 99% sure that it is in the house somewhere - cause it wouldn't have fallen off anywhere else. And yet 99% sure that it is not in the house cause we have looked EVERYWHERE.  We are just waiting for that epiphany moment to hit when we will remember exactly where it is.)

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