Quebec: Riviere Du Loup

During our time in Maine, Mon Amour and I (and Hibou) slipped off to Canada (might as well, since its literally around the corner from where we were staying) to celebrate our anniversary (belatedly of course....actual anniversary was in July). 

Papillon stayed in Maine with the Grandparents. Which means that this cutie pie...
...officially traveled internationally before her older sister did. How about that. 

We went to a town in Quebec called Riviere Du Loup (Wolf River). A very cool town. Not too big, not too small, very European feeling and all around delightful. 

While there, we splurged on some super delicious pizza.

And then went to the "scenic overlook".  Literally, you follow the signs to the overlook, and the last sign has a big arrow pointing you here.... a lovely view of some very dense forrest-y-ness. Not very scenic-y or overlook-y.

However, we did park to try and see what we could see, and discovered a small entrance into the "forest"that led us to the actual overlook where there was actually a nice view of the St Lawrence river.

After some fun adventures (detailed in a forthcoming post) we went to the local microbrewery. Which, we discovered, didn't officially have a food menu. They mostly, obviously.  Despite the lack of actual menu (they listed off the three things they make....nachos, bruschetta and some sausage thing), the food we got (the bruschetta) was actually quite tasty.

As was the beer....delicious! (and yes, we did take our 6 month old to a microbrewery...what can you do)

We spent some time just exploring the area and discovered a lovely park just on the edge of the town that had some fun walking/hiking paths and some beautiful scenery.

Tree roots above ground where the water had washed away the land! So cool.

Group shot....this was our 3rd attempt. In the first 2, Hibou looks quite sweet and we look terrible. Finally Mon Amour and I get our act together...and Hibou makes a crazy face.

Breakfast in Riviere Du Loup was overpriced (as, it seems, are most things in Quebec) but delicious!

A view of Riviere Du Loup.  I don't know if I will ever have cause to visit you again, but, who knows. If ever I need a random spot in Canada to visit again, I would definitely go back.

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