Carrots from Apple Trees

This video is possibly my favorite video to date of my little Papillon.
We were playing outside on a gorgeous day. I had asked her to help me "scrub" some carrots which, of course, prompted an very serious conversation about the origin of carrots...and apples.

I love every face - the wrinkled nose, the "oooh" expression, the seriousness with which she scrubs.
I love her little thought process as she works out this new info in her mind, all the while pretending that she knew all along.

Ack. The cuteness is almost too much.


Side note: No, we don't have an apple tree in our backyard. We recently went apple picking and so she had apples on her mind and "apple trees" are everywhere.


Eliz. K said...

scwubb scwubb swcubb! I love it!

Thomas said...

"Oh....ok." Tres cute!