Hibou's First Foods

 Hibou has been eating "solid" foods for about a month now. We gave her her first taste on Sept 22nd to be precise.

And she was a big fan. And managed to swallow a lot more than her sister at her first meal.

I didn't really start feeding her on a regular basis for a couple weeks after that. It was just kind of a fun thing that she enjoyed. She loves sitting up at the table with us while we eat. 
 Very recently she I've started being more consistent about feeding her cause she seems to be rather hungry much of the time. Usually I nurse her right before a meal of "solid" foods so that she is still primarily nursing (and nursing a LOT!) but she manages to find more space in her tiny tummy for some oatmeal afterwards. 
 Papillon pronounces "oatmeal" with three syllables..."oat-a-meal". It's super cute.
 So far we have only tried a few foods...and Hibou is very particular. She likes oatmeal and beans. She hates sweet potatoes and bananas - oh the faces she makes for even the tiniest taste of those. And she tolerates applesauce...sometimes. 

Papillon has very much enjoyed helping to feed her little sister.

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