Hibou: 7 Months

 Hibou Marron officially turned 7 months this past week. 
7 months is such a fabulous age.
 For comparison, here is Hibou at 6 months and Papillon at 7 months

I wanted to do some diaper-only shots this time, just for fun. And clearly, when I set Hibou up to have her picture taken, Papillon determined that Eeyore needed his picture taken as well.

...and of course, Olivia. 

...and then, Papillon wanted "to see, to see". 

Still, Hibou in just a diaper is pretty cute. 

"What you lookin' at?"

Ok, cute outfit on, time for a picture with Dollie. Notice how Hibou is sitting up so nicely these days? Literally, within a couple days of turning 6 months she went from "No, I am not interested in sitting" to "I like to sit 100% of my waking hours". 

At 7 months, Hibou....

....sleeps from 7:30pm till 7:30am with two quick snacks in the middle of the night. One day we will work on dropping these middle of the night snacks, but for now, they are very manageable.

...is still on the "cat-nap" all morning, followed by one 2-hour nap sometime in the afternoon. Nap times are not consistent, which is a little annoying on days when we are home all day. But, on days when we are out and about her flaky nap schedule changes from "unpredictable" to "totally flexible". Which I am totally cool with.

...has started trying solid foods. We started maybe a week or two ago and she dove right into that oatmeal! She ate it with such ease and apparent enjoyment that you would have thought that it was fine dining at its best. Since then apparently the new-ness has worn off, cause she's not super into eating. She'll tolerate oatmeal pretty well. Sweet potatoes she hates. Bananas she finds to be strange. So yes, solid foods are off to a slow start.

...nurses 5-6 times throughout the day and 1-2 times at night. She is a sweet snuggly nurser, and I love it.

....chews on everything. Paper is her favorite - newspaper if she can get her hands on it. Everything you give her goes in her mouth. Except bananas and sweet potatoes of course. Silly kid. 

...is very very very smiley. Unlike her sister, who, from the very beginning, had a habit of staring people down with a very solemn stare; Hibou (generally) looks at you and busts into a huge grin and then turns her head away, smiling as if she is embarrassed. She is a super duper social baby.  And not mommy-attached at all (in  the sense that she doesn't mind other people holding her) as long as there is someone in the room with her, she is a happy camper. 

....has started going to nursery at church. Usually I feed her right before I drop her off, to ensure there will be no melt-downs related to hunger. And every time I have picked her up from nursery, the volunteers comment on how easy she is. Generally she grabs onto one toy, and chews on it while contentedly watching the other children play. We call that, low-maintenance. 

....has developed some pretty hilarious little faces.

....has a hilarious laugh. Stay tuned for videos demonstrating said laugh. For now, just know, its more of a screech than a laugh and it is amazing.
 ....still loves her sister. I know I've said that like every month, but its just that amazing. One day they may go through a phase of significantly less sister love (middle school perhaps. Just guessing) so for now, we will enjoy every little bit of it. 

...has ridiculously happy feet. She sits most of her waking hours and any time she sits, her toes are wiggling like crazy.  Again, a video will follow. It's cute and random. I like random cute.

....still has a flat head. Insurance has held up the helmet-process, so we are still helmet-less. But, the Physical Therapist did fix her Torticollis, so her head is officially on straight! So that is progress.  What do you think - more, or less flat, or about the same? Compare to 6 months
Happy 7 months Hibou. I love you so so so so much!

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