Maine: Fun Times

Here is just a smattering of fun times that were had while we were in Maine. 

Papillon claimed the head of the table all week long.

Papillon discovered the joys of tiny rainbows cast by the old-school-glass windows in the house where we stayed.

Hibou enjoyed the lovely weather and fun playground.

Papillon was oddly skeptical of this playground...

There was a lot of playing on the front porch. Some dancing, some reading books, some just hanging out with grandad.

Maine (or at least this part of Maine) is big into wind power

Hibou and Grandad waiting on some lunch.

Papillon's lunch, which I thought was the cutest kids meal you have ever seen. And, bonus, Papillon actually ate it! (eating at restaurants is always a gamble, she is often too distracted to eat)

More fun on the porch.

The girls, sitting in their matching pink chairs, on the porch.

Just hanging out :-)
More porch fun! When you are on vacation and the weather is nice and there is a porch, what else are you gonna do but enjoy the porch?

Going for a walk along the levy that keeps the town from flooding when the snow melts.


Ice Cream time! Papillon had "pink" (aka Strawberry) and ate every bite of it cone and all (with the exception of the occasional lick I gave it to keep it from melting)

Hibou had none cause in the words of Papillon...

..."She's too little!"

Group shots to commemorate the trip...on the porch of course!

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