When Dad's in the Country

 We've been spoiled of late. Mon Amour has not had a business trip for 2 months! He's been home with us. Working, of course; but working in his state-side office, and even working from home some.  It's been great to have him around. 

Before it got chilly (a fairly recent development) we went on a bunch of after-dinner family outings. Sometimes to get sno-cones, some times just a walk around the neighborhood, but mostly to a playground for some fun times on the slides.

Running to catch Dad.

Slides are Papillon's favorite.

Though, peeking through the holes in the side of the "bridge" was fun too.

Papillon stood at the bottom of the slide to "catch" Mon Amour when he got to the bottom.

And of course, vice-versa

And yes, Hibou did come with us for these adventures. She just managed to avoid the camera. Oh well. 

Mon Amour's travels have started up again. It's full speed ahead with travels from now until after Christmas. Oh boy. Thank heavens for Skype.

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