Reading Aloud

Papillon loves to read.  She has a huge collection of books and knows almost all of them by name.  She will ask for them specifically - "Read 'Hop-Pop'" or "Read 'Melia Delia'" etc.  And a good number of them she can actually "read" with some accuracy - turning the pages and explaining each page with much enthusiasm.  It's pretty fabulous.

Hibou is Papillon's most captive audience - and Hibou loves it!

Reading together at Nana and Grandpa's House

Hibou, eating her fish while listening to Papillon read

More reading together.

Hibou loves it.

And for our dedicated fans, here are a few videos of Papillon reading.  The stories may not sound coherent to everyone, but if you know the books she is reading, its kind of impressive the little details she includes with much accuracy! Enjoy!


Thomas said...

Such an expressive reader! And, baby sister, wow, she keeps those feet a movin'!

Beth Anne said...

So cute! Emma would do the exact same thing for Will :)