New Bath Toys

The aim of this video was to record some of Papillon's excitement about her new bath toys so that we could then share said excitement with her wonderful Aunt and Uncle who gave them to her but are not local enough to witness the excitement in person.   As with all good video intentions, as soon as the camera came out, Papillon switched to do something else. So, there isn't a lot of bath toy excitement...but its still kind of cute.

Fun things to note in the video:
  • Very beginning - Drinking from the cup. Don't worry, it's fresh, clean, non-soapy water and she didn't drink that much. But the cup action is pretty stellar...perhaps we should use a regular cup more often rather than a sippy cup
  • 22 seconds - "ha-whoa". This is how she says hello when asked or when pretending to talk on the phone. 
  • 48 seconds - "yo-hey!".  In Papillon-talk equals "no way"; generally she gets a little closer to pronouncing it right. It's a favorite phrase; we don't no where she picked it up. But she finds it handy for both exclamations of emphatic disagreement, as well as enthusiastic excitement. 
  • 1:09 - counting. For the record, usually when you ask her to count something she points to them one by one and says "eight, nine, eight, nine" (repeat). This time she actually chose to start with "one". 
  • 1:19 - "why". Possibly the cutest hand gesture ever. If you ask her to find something and she doesn't know where it is the hands go up and she shrugs her shoulders. She also does this when she doesn't know the answer to your question (aka, has no idea what you asked) which generally happens when you ask her a "why" question. So the word "why" has started always accompanying the cute shrug.
Enough talk...enjoy!

Oh, and Papillon says thanks for the new bath toys!

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