A Baby Shower

Right before Papillon's birthday, she and I, and some friends took a bit of a road trip to attend another friend's baby shower. We got mildly lost on the way (I jumped the gun turning on to "South Main St"; it shouldn't be legal to have two streets with the same name that close together). But we made it!

Our friend is having a boy, as evidenced by the adorable napkins.

There were quite a lot of people there! This was oddly encouraging to me, since i was throwing a large party the next day; witnessing this party (specifically the quantities on the buffet) helped me get a little perspective on the quantities of food that I would need for the bday party...but more on that later.

Papillon had a good time reading books before lunch.

And being overly helpful with opening presents. She really wanted to take all the bows off all the presents before they even got to the mom-to-be.

Congratulations to our friend! Can't wait to meet the little one when he arrives!

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