Papillon's Tricks

Until recently, we prided ourselves on having a child that was not a "circus monkey". (i.e. she didn't know any "tricks" like clapping on command, or giving high fives or blowing kisses). But it was a facade, deep down we were wondering if our child would ever learn some of these oh-so-endearing tricks.

As with most things that parents worry about, give it some time, and you will wonder why you worried.

Papillon is now a full fledged Circus Monkey. And its adorable.
Here are her three tricks: Clapping, "So Big" and saying "pphhhh" when you as her her name.

We are working on giving kisses and high fives. And have also taught her some new Baby Sign Language. Unfortunately on the Baby Sign front, "More" and "Book" and just clapping look almost exactly the same, so it can be a bit complicated at times, figuring out what she really wants.


Ten Page said...

A true child of the 21st century--she won't surrender the iPod :-) Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Adrian and Meredith said...

Lyndon does "so big" now, thanks to Papillon. Hee hee.