Swimming at Nannie and Grandpa's Pool

On a recent trip to my parents house, Papillon had her first official big-pool adventure. She has been to the beach, played in our kiddie crab-pool, but had yet to go swimming in a big pool.

The first step, is, of course, sitting on the edge and bracing yourself for how cold it might be:

Then easing into the water, trying to keep as much of you out of the coldness as possible, while your body acclimates.

Once she was in, she loved it! She even kicked her feet some (probably trying to feel for the bottom). She played with her Uncle.

Tried not to get too sunburned. (don't worry, she didn't burn at all, though I have had a number of people tell me that she looks kind of tan...

We played for a little while, and then it was time to get out and snuggle into a pink towel with Nannie.

Prune-y Baby Toes!

I think this will be the first of many fun pool adventures for Papillon!

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