More Duck Pond Fun

We have been suffering from a bit of a heat wave of late. A ridiculous heat wave. But there was a day, between heat waves, that was a pleasant, humidity-free 80 degree day. Gorgeous! Papillon and I decided it was a good duck pond day. We tried to invite some friends, but our spontaneity was apparently too much much for them. So it was just us which, which was totally fun.

We had some yummy lunch.

And hung out on the picnic blanket for a while. Papillon enjoyed crawling all over me and playing with the grass and such.

Then we braved feeding the ferociously hungry ducks. You show them a bag of bread and they mob you. So we fed them for a while, then hid the bread in a tree so we could just enjoy the sights for a bit. The ducks definitely got close enough to touch (no, we didn't touch them), which, Papillon, being a lover of small creatures, thought was amazing.

This was definitely one for the record books in terms of fun mommy and Papillon activities. It was so fun to just enjoy hanging out together away from the house. The weather was perfect, Papillon had a great time, and I came back completely refreshed! (and as an added bonus Papillon took a great nap when we got home!)

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