Papillon's 1st Bday Party

We timed Papillon's party to be late in the afternoon, which seems to contradict general guidelines for children's activities which tend to be mid morning or early afternoon. But, since both of those time are nap times for Papillon, and since later afternoon through until bedtime is her longest waking time, we thought that time was our safest bet for a happy birthday girl.
And it worked, she woke up from her nap 20 minutes before guests started arriving. Just enough time to put on her party attire:
Costume: Frog Hat
Pool: Swimsuit
Fancy: Necklace (not pictured)

She greeted people as they arrived. She is always a little hesitant when new people show up, so there weren't a ton of smiles at this point. But she wasn't grumpy, and that is what counts!
Saying Hi to some grandparents:

More grandparents:

My dad unofficially won for best outfit: Baker's Hat, Bow Tie, Swim Trunks.

Papillon and I made the rounds trying to say Hi to everyone.

Intentionally, there wasn't a lot of structure to the party. Just fun, food and friends.
There was also badminton.

And dress up and bubbles.

And a sprinkler.

It was good times.

The only official item on the agenda was to sing Happy Birthday and let Papillon eat her cupcakes.
Remarkably, she did very well while everyone sang, and she thought the cupcake was kind of mediocre. She ate about half of it, but not with them furious excitement about the sweetness that I was expecting.

We tried to get pictures of Papillon with each guest...I think we got almost everyone. Here are just a few:

Papillon was distracted by something.

And then apparently anxious about something.

And moderately uncomfortable here.

We didn't open presents during the party; we figured all that staring and excitement would push our sweet Papillon over the edge. But as the party wound down, we let her open them up. Among other things, she received a plethora of books - which are possibly her favorite thing in the world. So she was super excited.

After the party, Mon Amour and I were both super-tired. Papillon, however, was energized from all the excitement, and while Mon Amour and I lay immobile on the couches, Papillon played and played until past bed time. Crazy kid.

Thanks again to everyone who came! We hope you had as much fun as we did!


SuperP said...

Her frog hat and costume are way too cute!!!!!

Thomas said...

It was an amazing party!!