There are many perks to living in a city with a little child, and slowly but surely I am discovering just what those perks are. My favorite recent discover, is connected with the public library system, and it is AMAZING!

They call it Storyville and it is essentially a full fledged children's museum...only free!
I had hear it was cool, but didn't appreciate the magnitude of its coolness until we went to see it ourselves.

They have 7 different areas: Baby Garden, Toddler Bay, Construction Zone, The House, The Library, The Theater, and the Grocery Store. This, is obviously the grocery store where kids can sort play food in bins and on shelves, and buy things with play money

The construction zone has toys where you can design a house, build a train track, and much more!

The Baby Garden is specifically for non-walkers. And there are lots of age appropriate toys, mirrors on the floor, "flowers" that are just the right height for little ones to pull up on. Doesn't Papillon look so grown up in jeans and a t-shirt?

In Toddler Bay, there is this rocking boat that I thought might be a bit too much for Papillon at this age. I sat her in it just for fun, and low and behold, she starts rocking. She loved it!

Papillons favorite part was probably the friends. So many little kids and so much action going on. She loves watching other kids and sharing toys with them. So much fun!

Papillon's face when we first arrived pretty much sums it all up:

An "Ooooooooh" of excitement!

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