Buttons and Animals

A while back (yes, posts are once again quite delayed...), we visited some friends for dinner, and had such a fun time that we stayed well past Papillon's bed time.

Fortunately, all it takes to get Papillon to stay up is to provide her with some entertainment. In this case, she found our friends to be entertaining, but also was entertained by two of her favorite play-things...

Technology with Buttons:
She hit lots of buttons on our friends phone. She almost called one of his friends....and then at one point got it to pull up the numbers 911. Fortunately I caught it before she found the send button for that one...

Furry Creatures:
In this case a fluffy cat. Who tried its best to be patient, but I think Papillon may have traumatized it with her squeals of happiness. Papillon loves all kinds of animals!

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Sepia Toned Vignettes said...

She is so cute. I cannot believe how big she is getting!