Bread, a billion ways.

I am blessed to be almost constantly in possession of delicious bread from my parents' bread store. And we are always looking for tasty new ways to enjoy it.

We recently had a load of White Cheddar Garlic.

We made White Cheddar Garlic Pizza:

Had it plain as an accompaniment for pasta.

But, perhaps my favorite was Ham, Panini Sandwiches on White Cheddar Garlic.

Man, were they ever tasty!

We may have to try other types of panini sandwiches sooner rather than later!

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Eliz. K said...

something we did with the Asiago Pesto, which would also be good on the WCG, was to make a "summer pizza"-- with cold tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, and Italian seasoning... yummy cooler lunch :-)