Papillon and Friends

Right up there with books and food, Papillon loves to spend time with friends. People of any kind are super-fun to her. (Note: she does have some stranger-anxiety, but she is generally fine as long as I am there, or the environment is familiar).

Here are some pictures from some recent play-dates.

This adorable little girl is 3,

and she and Papillon played with her little kitchen.

which meant that I got to hold this snuggly little guy. Papillon did come over and give him a pet (she pets babies like she pets Marge) but the play kitchen and snacks that her friend was sharing were more fun.

We met this sweet 2 year old at the Chick-fil-a play ground one day. She was very active crawling through the tunnels and slides,

so Papillon watched and crawled around after her trying to figure out if she too could crawl through the tunnels up to the top of the slide.

This little guy is just a couple of months old, but Papillon found him most intriguing. She would poke him with a curious finger and say "ooooo" at him excitedly.

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