60 lbs of Apples + 30 lbs of Tomatoes = Tons of Family Fun

 Right before Mon Amour's most recent trip (which was a while ago now...still behind on blogging!) we took a little after-church family outing to my favorite You-Pick place.  Our mission: To pick a boatload of apples!
It was a little chilly...and rainy....hence Hibou's scowl.

Papillon did alright with the rain and loved eating the apples.

Riding the tractor back to the barns.

Of course, when you go to my favorite You-Pick place, you also have to stop by their old fashioned diner-esque restaurant for some ice cream!

We ended up with 60lbs of apples, as well as 30lbs of tomato "seconds" ($10 for 30lbs of tomatoes - woohoo!)  We had our work cut out for us!!

We also bought this bag of assorted produce...sooo many tasty things for 50 cents!

Mon Amour pushed through and made a boatload of tomato sauce that very afternoon. It turned out delicious and we have a ton of it in our freezer for future tasty-ness.

The apples took a bit longer to work our way through. But the result was a lot of amazing deliciousness.

Apple butter!

Apple pie filling

and apple sauce!
We also chopped and froze just plain apples for other uses. 
This was my first attempt at canning. Much thanks to my good friend for walking me through it and letting me borrow all of her canning supplies.  Also, thanks for the tip about getting apples at the farmer's market for a super great price on the Saturday before Thanksgiving....we may have taken advantage of that as well. :-)  What's another 25lbs of apples? Especially when Mon Amour, who won't eat store bought applesauce, has discovered he loves the applesauce I made.

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Laura said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you took advantage of the good pre-Thanksgiving deal too! Hannah and I shared a bushel so I've been doing some applesauce making of my own. Let me know if you want to borrow anything. And yes, the difference between store-bought and homemade applesauce is totally striking!