Zoo Boo and Trick or Treating

This year was our first year officially celebrating Halloween.  Last year we were foiled in our attempts to hand out candy. But this year we were determined! 

The girls each happened to have ballerina costumes. So that's what we were. 
Adorable ballerinas.

The Friday before Halloween, we went to the zoo (yay for our zoo membership!) to participate in Zoo Boo.  Which was a lovely, family friendly way to trick or treat and enjoy a nice fall day!   We went with a few friends. 

One was dressed as a piece of candy...

...then there was a lion and a bumblebee.

(notice how everyone has a lolipop already!)

...and a strawberry and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. (Great costume!)

It was a great day for some fall fun, and also for seeing some animals.
And, its always nice when you bring friends along who are willing to lift your stroller up so you can see the lions. What service!

On actual Halloween, we were all prepared for the neighbor girls to come trick or treating. We don't ahve a lot of kids in the neighborhood, so I didn't think we would see many trick or treaters, but I was really hoping Papillon's little friends would come over! 

Hibou discovered the candy early on!

Papillon gently corrected her that the candy was just for the bucket, not for eating.

Then we excitedly waited for our friends to come.
They ended up not coming until later. Papillon was about to go to bed when we got a knock on the door! Papillon excitedly grabbed her bucket and we answered the door!  It was an overwhelmingly fast paced experience - so many friends in so many strange costumes, that Papillon just stood there and stared with the bucket in hand. 

But afterwards, she was SO excited about it. "I give candy to friends!" she would say over and over again.  "They say, 'trick or treat'. And I not be shy (she likes to point out when she is and is not shy). I give candy!"

It was a halloween first for all three of us (I never celebrated halloween growing up). And it was a smashing success!!

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