Bowling - aka, Knocking down the Penguins

Ever since we moved to this big city, people have been telling me about this fabulous local duck pin bowling alley.  2.5 years later, we finally got around to checking it out.  We brought my parents and my sister along and had a lovely lovely time. 

Hibou (and her favorite fish) and Auntie Mimi waiting to bowl

We explained to Papillon how it worked (roll the ball, knock over the pins) and she responded "Oh, yes. Knock over penguins".   The phrase stuck.

Thanks to some assistance from Grandpa, Papillon actually did pretty well. If it weren't for Nana's amazing bowling skills, Papillon might have won!

My sister has taught Papillon that Nana's feet are "BIG!", while everyone else's feet are either "just right" or "little".  Also, tiny bowling shoes are the cutest.

Grandpa introduced Papillon to the joys of pinball as well.  Grandpa has mad-pinball skills and could have played indefinitely. Eventually he turned the game over to the gaggle of 5 year olds that were at the bowling alley for a (poorly supervised!) birthday party.

After all that fun bowling, we had to get some ice cream, of course!

No, Hibou didn't actually have any.

But Papillon did!

The fun continued with some chilling at home.

And some donut making and Grandpa's new donut-hole pan.

And we rounded off the day with a little game of "Big Pink Ball" in the front yard.


Thomas said...

It was a great, great day! Thanks for so much fun!

Eliz. K said...


"Yes. Knock over the penguins." :-D