Rhode Island

Since we were in the area, (Rhode Island area, that is) on the way back from Little Brother's graduation, we stopped in to see some friends who recently moved away from our home city. It was so nice to see them. And so convenient where they picked to live - if they had to move away, I am glad they moved to a place that is halfway between us and where Mon Amour's parents are going to live in Maine.  We will be taking advantage of our friends hospitality often!

A little family photo by a standing by a bunny statue.

Duck ponds! Without many ducks (it was getting chilly)

We were conveniently there on the Saturday before Veterans' Day - so there was a parade! Hooray!

Our friends little girl, watching the parade!

It was a perfect day for a parade.

After the parade, we checked out the local belgian cafe for some crepes!

Then back to our friends house to play.  Papillon loves her little friend.
Hibou practiced her standing.

These girlies had such a fun time.
And so did we. Thanks for letting us stay!

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