Chilly November Wedding

Our November of insanity (its been a really busy month) began with a weekend in Mon Amour's home state for a little outdoor wedding. The weather was gorgeous...or at least looked gorgeous. It was actually quite chilly. Something that the bride and bridesmaids didn't really plan for when they picked their attire. There were a lot of chilly ladies in sleeveless dresses standing up front for the ceremony!

The groom, waiting for the bride.
It is generally one of the best moments of a wedding to watch the grooms face light up when he sees the bride start walking down the aisle.  For this wedding though, the groom was so deliriously happy the entire time that his face didn't change a whole lot (couldn't have changed much, really!) when the bride appeared.

Did I mention the weather looked really nice?

Fun times at the reception!

Listening to some toasts. (They were some quality toasts!)
Pretty fall decor.

Escaping through the bubbles!

Papillon did a great job. It was a long day with a lot of people. By the end, she was still smiling, but she was ready to be done. So, of her own accord, she put her coat on like this:
And walked all the way to the car without being able to see anything or any one. (She was pretty trusting about holding my hand and walking briskly and blindly)

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Eliz. K said...

HA! Ohhh P!! What a picture!