He's in the Navy Now!

The following November weekend, it was off to Rhode Island to see my little brother graduate from Officer Candidate School. He's in the Navy now! (has been I suppose for a while...but he's got the uniforms now, so it seems more official). 

It just so happened that we were heading north during the first NorEaster of the season.  Fortunately we just missed it, and so it only made our drive more scenic. 
We even made it around New York without any problems. We were expecting some hiccups cause of the recent "Super Storm" that hit the area. 

Our girls are such road trip champions!

We made such good time that instead of making it just in time for the dinner reception, we made it in time for the afternoon Pass Inspection (probably the wrong term...it was something like that) 

Great Nannie and Hibou waiting for the fun to begin.

Tada! That's my little brother on the left. How did he get picked for the Color Guard, you ask?  Cause he's tall. That's it. They picked the 5 tallest (or most uniformly tall) guys to be in the Guard. What an honor! Haha.

The first of many family photos for the weekend.

We pretend to take this kind of thing seriously...

Chillin at the hotel after the festivities.

Then it was off to the "Hi Moms" Reception where all the famlies got to eat at the Officer's Club and enjoy a slide show of all the Officer Candidates from when they were kids. 

Papillon enjoyed the "'emonade"

Time for graduation!

Hibou and Aunt Mimi who made it up for the event but was in town for like 12 hours or something. It was a quick trip.

He's graduated!

Only they left him out of the program....dun dun duuuun!

More family pictures.

And some self portraits.

Hibou, making the rounds to all the family.

Between graduation and lunch, we did a little driving tour of the Newport mansions. Oh my goodness were they insane. I've seen big houses before...these were legitimately mansions. 

This one was my favorite. Its hard to see, but the house is gorgeous, and in the front yard there are house-sized boulders. How cool would that be!

This one would be fun too! (Though in all seriousness, I don't want a house this big. A bigger house, sure; but not this big. This is ridiculous)

Lunch time!

Hibou was very hungry.

More food for Hibou! (that's a cracker-face, not a sad face, I promise)

Dad, making a speech. My dad doesn't say much. Ever. He's a man of few...almost no...words. But gosh, he's does make a good speech.

Mon Amour and Hibou - so cute!
Congrats, Little Brother!

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Beth Anne said...

Dad speeches are the best. At family milestones we always kid him about his "manila folder" for his speech and he takes it like a champ :)