Helmets are in this season

When we first decided to get Hibou a helmet, I was convinced that it wouldn't look cute. I knew people would tell me it did look cute, but I was prepared to smile and nod and not believe them.

But, I have since changed my mind.

Hibou decidedly looks cute in her helmet.

Especially this blonde tuft of hair that every other little kid loves to "pet"

I am glad its not a permanent look. But for the time being - keep on keepin' it stylish, Little Hibou!

Side note about the helmet. It seems that, though I have never seen a helmet on a baby in real life (I had seen them on blogs) they are more common than you might guess. I have had quite a few parents (and one, very polite 11 year old who told me he had a helmet as a baby) come up to me randomly and tell me that there kid had one as a baby - and it works! It is very encouraging. Not that I was afraid it wouldn't work - but just that all these parents, looking back, were pleased with their decision to get the helmet, and the outcome of it.

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