I am always blogging about the things we do while Mon Amour is gone. But never about his trips. This is mostly cause I don't have much to stay about his trips.  But I feel as though I should give them some kind of mention.  So, Mon Amour, please correct me cause I am sure to butcher the details of your trips. 

His most recent trip was to Indonesia where he say some very fascinating things.

Like strange fruits...or vegetables...or something.
and some random, and definitely not politically correct, tourist gifts (a "piggy bank" and a mug)

I am pretty sure this is some kind of local delicacy that is...shall we acquired taste.

Mon Amour is very brave about trying local things. Braver than I would be, that's for sure.

A fun restaurant!

And a delicious beverage!

I believe this is dragon fruit. Which, Mon Amour says, is legitimately delicious.

I think this one is not tasty...

Fun tower that Mon Amour went up.

Random mask thing!


Year of the Tiger: An American's Chinese Adventure said...

the small round ones are a lychee hawthorn type fruit. Dragon fruits are good, like kiwis but a more subtle flavor. Durians are disgusting and they smell worse than they taste. They are actually banned in most parts of the States much for that reason. I've worked abroad where durians weren't banned and we always had an office rule of banning them from coming in...

Courtney Pilling said...

Those first things look a lot like some variety of peppers. And I know from working with an Indonesian fellow up in Philly that they love themselves some peppers. So, that would be my guess! I've also had dragonfruit and it is pretty tasty!
How fun that he gets to experience so many new things!