Great Day with Great-Nannie

Time for some speed blogging, cause whoa nellie are we behind! 

Recently, the girls and I got to spend the day with my grandmother (now affectionately known as Great-Nannie).   It was a fun filled day from start to finish! 

We started off at an open house at this cool historic mansion near Nannie's house.  Apparently the estate used to be made of something ridiculous like 4,000 acres, now its like 40 (I forget the precise stats...). But basically it is a tiny fraction of what it once was, and its still cool!    And, when Nannie was growing up, she was friends with someone whose parents worked here (correct the story if I am wrong, Nannie) so she remembers visiting her friend here way back in the day. Crazy.

Me and the girlies in the gardens.

Our next stop was the State Park that is around the corner from Nannies house.  Papillon was really enjoying exploring with Nannie.

For as many times as I have been to this park, I had never been to the visitor center located in this old house.

They had boxes of educational things that kids could play with; like clothes from "olden times" when the park was founded and such.

The nice Park Ranger let Papillon wear his hat! So fun!

The woolly bear caterpillars were pretty engrossing.

Our last stop was a playground - can't go wrong with a little playground fun!

Hibou is such a chill kid!


Thanks, Nannie, for a great day!

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