Train Day

After our fun day with Great Nannie, we moved to another day full of fun. This time with Nana and Grandpa and Aunt Mimi. 

All great days of fun should start with donuts in the back of the car!

The plan was a little scenic train ride!
While waiting for the fun to begin we explored their "train museum". They are very new so the museum was a little gimpy. But it had heart...and character. 

Train ride!

Best part of the train ride - munching on Hibou's favorite fish toy.

"Fish...zipper I can get in my mouth!"

" much better than the plastic fish"

Papillon enjoyed the train ride a lot (despite her solemn face). She kept peeking around and smiling at the driver.

A road trip, train ride day of fun that starts with donuts, should, of course, end with a meal at Cracker Barrell complete with the peg-jumping game!


Another fun day full of fun family!

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