18 Months

Yesterday, Papillon turned 18 months old. Officially 1 and a half and definitely not a baby any more.  Full on walking, walking, attitude possessing toddler. 
You will have to forgive the Snoopy comparison photos, she would not hold still despite my best efforts at distraction, entertainment, etc.    Next time I should just take the picture while she is sleeping.

We haven't had her 18 month appointment yet, but I would wager she is around 25 pounds. Officially not the tiniest any more. She is even, occasionally mistaken for a being older. I enjoy her being very average these days, and am truly quite curious to see how Baby #2's growth compares to Papillon's. 

At 18 months, Papillon....

...talks like crazy. Some times just babble, but she has a ton of words that I can understand, and even a bunch that anyone could understand (aka very well articulated words).  Fun words include cheerios, milk, Marge (possibly the cutest thing she says!), dog, fish, dad, momma, Nana, Aunt Mimi, hug, help, Hi, Bye, See ya, yes, yup, yeah, Baby, Hello, please, box, bag, and many many more.  I love all her words.  She even has an adorable attempt at her little sister's name (which is not the easiest word in the world for a little kid)

...has become much more outgoing. She waves to everyone, gives hugs anyone when given the chance.  Loves playing with other kids. She talks and runs around in social situations (including church!) rather than clinging and being quite. She is still introverted enough to need her quiet time now and again, but her social butterfly side is totally coming out.

...loves reading and coloring (mostly with pens, and generally on the walls...we are working on that) and playing with play doh. A lot of times these days, when she gets up from a nap she wants me to hand her some books so she can sit and read for a bit before getting up. One day, I cut her short on the books. She got out of the crib, grabbed a book and walked back to the crib, pointed and said "please". How could I refuse! Back in she went for one more book.

...has 4 new teeth - all molars.  They are still working their way in, but are definitely visible. She now has the 8 in the front, skips the eye teeth and has 1 molar on each side just past that. 12 teeth total. She loves to chew with her molars - she puts something in there and chews very obviously, and very adorably. 

...has discovered her nose, more specifically, the inside of her nose. If you ask her where her nose is now, the finger goes straight up the nostril.  And sometimes on car rides, a little booger hunting keeps her entertained.

...is a bit opinionated. She will melt down when she doesn't get what she wants, and is sometimes hard to bring back out of her sorrows. We are also working on not saying "no" to mom and dad when she is asked to do something. It's a work in progress.

....is getting ready to move to her big girl room. It is painted, cleaned and her mattress and sheets are all set. She loves loves loves playing in her room and jumping on and off her bed.  Some time in the next week or two we will begin attempting naps in there. Hopefully her ever-flexible nature will continue and it will be a smooth transition.

Is it possible that 18 months is my favorite age yet??
Happy 18 months, Papillon! 

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