Christmas #2

The day after Christmas, my parents, grandmother, and little brother and sister came over for Christmas, round 2. 

Again, there were lots of presents to open. Papillon was a little better at opening them this time (she had already had lots of practice)

But still often preferred to let Grandpa do all the hard work of unwrapping.

She opened some fun new books with her Auntie!

Possibly the most entertaining and delightfully perfect-for-the-recipient gift was this monkey-bank carved from a coconut, complete with pipe.  Little Sister got it in Hawaii....but it was made in the Philippines, and last I heard, we still hadn't figured out how to get the money out of it.  (Papillon had quite the fun time "borrowing" coins from Grandpa to put in her Uncle's monkey-bank) But these quirks only made it all the more amazing of a gift!

Papillon got some Play Doh, which she tested out after lunch. She is a huge fan!

By the end of round 2 of Christmas, we were pretty tired. But it was such a fun holiday and so fun to be able to see so much family! 

As a side note, I have developed a huge appreciation for people who put a lot of time and energy into wrapping. I am a very functional get-the-job-done kind of person, so my presents end up wrapped but definitely on the ugly side as far as wrapping goes.   Perhaps next year I will aim for slightly more lovely, and possibly even delightfully personalized wrapping, cause I really do appreciate the fun of opening a pretty gift.

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