I was very excited the other day to be able to take Papillon (who is officially a fish-detective. She spots them everywhere!) to the aquarium.  To make the trip even more exciting, the friend who invited us is one of Papillon's favorite friends. She is just about 1 year older, which makes her just enough older for Papillon to idolize her. Papillon sometimes just stares and her and takes in the awesomeness.  Her friend also thinks Papillon is pretty cool, cause she can tell her what to do and lead her around by the hand, and Papillon readily complies.

Here are some pictures of the two of them at the dolphin show.

And of course, Papillon's friend's little brother (and their mom, of course) were there too. Isn't he adorable?

Papillon, as always, was a little overwhelmed by the new situation (it is pretty dark in the aquarium and it was fairly busy) but she did very much like seeing all the different kinds of fish.  We will definitely be going back some day in the not to distant future.


Eliz. K said...


ps, I want her outfit! haha :-)

salmonandsouvlaki said...

So fun!!