Tiny Baby

Thanks to this little kid for arriving a little early so that Mon Amour and I could make the little trek over to our old "haunt" to meet him before Mon Amour left for another business trip.  Added bonus - he shares Mon Amour's birthday! A good day to be born Little Guy, a very good day.

I love meeting new babies. Aren't his squishy little cheeks so cute?
He was totally zonked for most of our visit, I laid him in my lap and he just flopped. How sweet!
Papillon was intrigued by the baby. She wanted to point to his eyes and nose and such. We had to watch out and make sure that pointing to his eyes did not equal poking his eyes, but other than that, she seemed to take pretty well to the tiny-newborn-ness. A good sign for things to come, hopefully.

And of course, we can't forget the adorable older brother, who, himself, seems to be adapting quite well to the new addition. Look at those eyes!!

I think this is a "smile for the camera" face. Down right, hilarious!

Congrats to our good friends! The new little one is precious!

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