Big Girl Room

As I write this (which is not exactly when it publishes) we are exactly 2 months from my due date. Meaning it is time to get serious about Papillon's transition to her new room.  Thanks to Mon Amour's hard work, it is move-in ready.  Some of the finishing touches will come later as we find the missing pieces and get more confident that Papillon won't mess with things that we add to the room.  For now though, this is what it looks like. 

Note the super-sweet brown, floral comforter. (there are bright pink sheets under there!  With a back up set of neon green sheets!) 

Three of the walls are a very very light pink. With one bright pink wall!

The decorations are going to be from all over the world. So far she has some artist original pictures from Australia and one piece of wall art from Indonesia.   And a fox-shaped camping chair...probably from Wal-Mart. :-)

The door presently lacks a door knob. The one that was there locked with the push of a button from the inside, and then couldn't be unlocked from the outside. This obviously could not be.  Soon enough we will go get non-locking door knob.  Also note the sweet green bookshelf? Eventually she will have a bed frame and possibly a dresser that will be that same color green.

I am pleased to report that we have begun the process of transition to sleeping in her big girl room.  Today (again, not the day this publishes...but the day I wrote it) is day 3 of big-girl bed naps.    Day 1 was a smashing success.  2 hours of napping, without any fuss on either end. In fact she stopped me from reading her a book in order to climb into bed.  Day 2 was a little trickier, but that was Marge's fault. I put Papillon to bed, and Marge promptly barked like crazy.  Papillon decided to get out of bed, stand at her door and say "hush, Marge".  Then she wouldn't go back to bed. But, we did try again like 20 minutes later, and she fell right to sleep...again 2 hours, no troubles.  Upon waking she figured out how to open her door, so she came to find me when she awoke. Poked her head around the corner into the dining room and said "Hi" cheerily. So sweet.    Day 3, went right to bed again (hurrah!) but only slept for 1.5 hours (if that) before climbing out of bed to come find me.   I would say our transition to the Big Girl Room is going very well. 

While we are on the subject of Big Sister and Little Sister....check out these adorable matching dresses that a friend made.

Officially their first matching outfits. Complete with matching hair accessories.  Can't wait for the girls to be able to wear them together!

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